My name is Maddie and i'm from a small town in West Tennessee. Agriculture is common here, as there is a field down almost every road and you rarely make a drive without coming upon a tractor. I was always raised to know the importance of agriculture but I never would have thought that I'd be THIS interested in educating others about it. I've always enjoyed making t-shirts and decided to combine my love of crafting + agriculture to make this business! 

My goal with Agvocate Apparel is to encourage others to not only support  agriculture, but also to advocate for it as well. For our industry to continue to be successful, we must invalidate all the misinformation spread about agriculture in our world today. If my products encourage one person to agvocate, or support agriculture then my mission has been accomplished!

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my business. It means the world to me! Keep up with me, learn some new ag facts, or watch for new product releases on Facebook and Instagram!

-Maddie Haynes, Owner, Agvocate Apparel